Discovery Life’s profit from operations rose 21% to R782m

Discovery Makes Deep Insurance Inroads

DISCOVERY Holdings, SA’s canada goose outlet toronto factory largest healthcare funder and medical scheme administrator, is making deep inroads into the market shares of SA’s large life assurance groups with its life insurance products.

Discovery CEO Adrian Gore said Discovery Life had gained the number one market share position canada goose outlet new york city in terms of new business sold, and the group’s distribution channels were getting stronger and bigger, according to a recent survey by Swiss Re.

Discovery Life had grown canadian goose jacket consistently over about 10 years, with the products using a “dynamic pricing model” and providing better benefits than the competition, Gore said in an interview about the group’s results for the six months to December 31.

He said the overall life insurance market remained big in SA and the group’s ability to continue growing within it was “substantial”. canada goose factory outlet Discovery Life’s gross inflows under management grew canada goose uk shop 7% to cheap canada goose R2,12bn in the canada goose outlet online uk six months.

Discovery Life Canada Goose Jackets held a 24% market share of broker business and a 26% market share in official canada goose outlet canada goose factory sale the canada goose outlet uk sale large policies market, which was the focus market for the group.

Core individual risk new business grew 16% in the six months. Discovery Life’s profit from operations rose 21% to R782m.

The Discovery group lifted profit from operations by a whopping 49% to R1,18bn, which Gore described as “remarkable” given the economic environment.

While he admits the canada goose black friday sale growth rate may be difficult to repeat in the second half, “we have strong growth potential going forward”.

The group lapse rate at Discovery Health had fallen to 3% from 4% previously, where typically health insurers suffered lapse rates of 10% 15% during the kind of recessionary conditions prevalent during the six canada goose black friday sale months.

New business at Discovery Health grew 23% and profit from operations rose 12% to R568m. Discovery Invest’s loss was reduced substantially to R20m from R79m in the six months to December canada goose outlet in usa 31 2008, while the UK based PruProtect’s performance improved to a R39m loss from canada goose clearance sale a R93m loss previously, Canada Goose Coats On Sale with new business up 245% to R100m.

Gore said the start canada goose outlet online cheap canada goose ups Discovery Invest and PruProtect had made significant progress. “In this period canada goose outlet reviews we restructured PruHealth and PruProtect canada goose outlet store uk to duplicate more effectively Discovery’s integrated business model in SA,” he said.

Discovery Invest attracted 8% of inflows in the retail linked investment product market.

Regulatory requirements to acquire a 24,99% canada goose stake in Ping An Health were under way and Gore said implementation of the deal may start in “a month or two”.

Where I eventually found a shuttle and pretty much nobody else

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The left tackle was present during the Patriots first six days

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“When in ketosis, you aren using glycogen as your energy

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One of her friends, Meadow Pollack, was killed

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canada goose uk shop Izzo summed it up by saying, “One bad day and you’re gone.” But the Spartans didn’t really have a bad day. They had a bad start, trailing 15 2 early, but seven times in the second half they got within three points of the Blue Raiders, who simply answered every challenge. The underdogs brought their A plus game, making 55.9 percent from the field (33 of 59) and 57.9 percent (11 of 19) from 3 point range.. canada goose uk shop

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